Sen. Bellino applauds investment in Hillsdale County manufacturing facility

Sen. Bellino applauds investment in Hillsdale County manufacturing facility

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Joseph Bellino on Friday applauded the announcement that Ultra-Fit Manufacturing U.S.A. will be expanding a Hillsdale County manufacturing facility.

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has approved a $630,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant for the project, which is expected to generate a total capital investment of approximately $1.5 million and create 63 jobs as well as retain 44 existing jobs.

“This is great news for the people of Hillsdale County and the entire region, and it represents an investment in our economy and support of well-paying jobs for Michigan workers,” said Bellino, R-Monroe. “I salute Ultra-Fit Manufacturing U.S.A. for their confidence and commitment to manufacturing in Michigan and applaud all the local and state officials who helped make this investment a reality.”

Ultra-Fit Manufacturing U.S.A. is a subsidiary of Ultra-Fit Manufacturing Incorporated, which is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario. Ultra-Fit provides tube bending and parts manufacturing, covering a broad range of processes, from complex tube bending and forming to welded fabrication and sub-assemblies.

The company does not currently have a location in Michigan, but has acquired Bay Alphi Manufacturing, located in the city of Jonesville. It will continue the Jonesville facility under the new name and continue to service existing Bay Alphi customers. The facility will design and manufacture original equipment and performance exhaust products, as well as complex tube bending and forming for welded fabrication and sub-assemblies for Ultra-Fit overall.

Michigan was chosen for the project over its existing facility in Ontario due to the strong auto industry and extended customer reach.


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