Bellino opposes budget ‘balanced on the backs of taxpayers and teachers’

Bellino opposes budget ‘balanced on the backs of taxpayers and teachers’

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Joseph Bellino on Thursday voted against a fiscal year 2025 budget plan that relies on taking $670 million out of the state’s retirement fund for teachers and hiking the state personal income tax.

“The core of this bloated budget is out of balance by over $1.3 billion — relying on permanently increasing income taxes by $700 million and diverting hundreds of millions of dollars that were supposed to help pay off debt in the teacher retirement fund,” said Bellino, R-Monroe. “I was hoping for a responsible spending plan focused on supporting our schools, keeping people safe, growing our economy, helping struggling families and making long-term infrastructure investments in our communities — but that didn’t happen.”

Bellino highlighted $3.5 million for Hillsdale Hospital and $10.9 million in capital outlay funds for Monroe County Community College as local long-term investments he fought for in the budget.

“I strongly supported these local funding priorities and many of the other items in this budget, but in the end, I simply cannot support a budget that is balanced on the backs of taxpayers and teachers,” Bellino said.

House Bill 5507 is a school aid omnibus budget bill providing funding for the state’s K-12 schools, the state’s public universities and local community colleges. Senate Bill 747 is a general omnibus budget bill funding all non-education segments of state government.

“This budget is a disservice to Michigan families, workers and students — all of whom deserve much better,” Bellino said.


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