Bellino denounces state tax dollar support for China-affiliated battery plant

Bellino denounces state tax dollar support for China-affiliated battery plant

LANSING, Mich. — Sen. Joseph Bellino is denouncing the Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee who voted on Thursday to provide $175 million in state taxpayer dollars to support Gotion Inc.’s proposed battery parts manufacturing plant near Big Rapids.

Gotion’s parent company has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, which has repeatedly been described as the biggest national security threat to the U.S. by federal officials.

“We should be using our tax dollars to support small businesses and struggling families and build a positive economic environment that attracts new investments, jobs and talent,” said Bellino, R-Monroe. “Instead, Senate Democrats continue to use the tired playbook of corporate welfare — this time giving millions of taxpayer dollars to a company with alarming ties to a hostile foreign government.

“Returning to the failed policies of Michigan’s Lost Decade is bad enough, but there are also serious concerns with the plant regarding national security, environmental protection, and return on investment.”

Bellino said China has a long history of industrial espionage and is increasingly working against America’s interests and fighting freedom in the world.

“The Gotion project is irresponsible and poses a great security risk, and I have sponsored legislation that would stop terrible projects like this from happening,” Bellino said.

Earlier this month, Bellino introduced Senate Bill 260, which would prevent foreign governments from purchasing farmland in Michigan. To ensure all loopholes are closed, foreign government-affiliated enterprises and people acting on behalf of a foreign government or an affiliated company would also be prevented from making any farmland purchases.


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